I have found this thread f


I have found this thread fascinating, as a newbie! I am getting started in wedding videography, and I am trying to do some due diligence, before buying/renting equipment and buying software. When trying to decide what editing software to use, I suppose I have a bit of an advantage, since I will be capturing my own video. Therefore, I can control the file formats and codecs, and I won’t have to worry about using multiple video formats/codecs in any single project (although I will be adding music files and eventually AE elements to the projects). I have experience with Photoshop and Illustrator as a graphic designer and Audition to mix audio for radio broadcast production. The promo videos for FCP certainly make that suite look very compelling, but I would suppose that PP would work just fine for me, as I work on a G5 and I have the ability to use either software suite. I have access to the CS5 Master Collection, but that doesn’t prevent me from investing into FCP, if necessary. I wouldn’t say that “money is no object”, but I can make the investment, if it is necessary.

Since I am just getting started, would anyone disagree that using PP in the beginning would be fine. As business and projects grow, how easy/difficult would it be to move to FCP, if I felt the need? I may not need to, based on the some of your comments, supporting PP. But if I felt that I wanted to make the jump to FCP, would I have to “rewire my brain” to be able to work with FCP?

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