I have found that the old


I have found that the old camcorder focus stand by of zooming in – focus – zoom out and everything is in focus doesn’t always translate with DSLR video. The F-Stop on DSLR cameras play a bigger part in depth of field and a lot of kit lenses tend to be variable aperture zoom lenses. Meaning when you are zoomed out and set your F-Stop once you zoom in your F-Stop changes and so does your depth of field.

I would frame up the shot and digitally focus. Also don’t set your F-Stop too low, I would start with around F8 to give a over all good depth of field. There are free apps out there to help determine the depth of field with your camera and lens. To help me focus on areas in video I took a thick white poster board and drew a grid of 1 inch squares on one side. The grid gives my camera something to focus on and the other side helps set the white balance.

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