i have filmed fireworks do


i have filmed fireworks dozens of times and exposure and focus is very tricky. Definately do not leave camera on automatic settings – the cam will see the dark skye and will go wide open + gain, out of focus prob and fireworks will be overexposed – they will all be white instead of different colours.

You want a black skye without noise and you want colourful fireworks – must set cam manual.

my best results on a DSR570 are WB set at 3200k, set focus at infinity then turn it back a touch so its not completely at infinity – zoom in at a point in the show you can afford to miss and check focus. Exposure is where most get caught out – you dont need to be fully open. I judge exposure by experience and the size of the glow/halo. From memory i think i’m about F5.6 or F8 to get good exposure of different colours. It wont be easy to judge in a small B&W viewfinder – you have to trust your instincts and learn from experience. Switch on Zebra and you want to avoid seeing zebra for the colourful FW. Makes little difference for the white ones – you can get away with being OE – you just make the trails and bursts glow more.

Havent shot FW with a Z1 but follow same settings above – will need to be more opened to account for less sensitivity of Z1 – perhaps F2. The colour LCD should give you a good idea of what your getting. Make sure not in auto, otherwise the cam will def put in 18db of gain which is totally unnecessary.

If you want reaction shots of faces of crowd at end, a Z1 will need to be switched back into auto and a on camera light will help.

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