I have done sports highlig


I have done sports highlight videos since 2002 and love it. Football, basketball, soccer, baseball, softball, cheerleading, dance teams, etc.

The key is in getting good video shotson the front end. It makes a HUGE difference. Also, make sure togive yourself some wiggle room before each play begins and after each play is over which will really help in the editing process. If you cando multicamera, it is MUCH better byblending in field level closeups with higher level shots.

Your choice of camera is only limited by your pocketbook. I have used video from every format imaginable to put together highlight videos and digital SD is still a very good format. It is so much cleaner than the analog videos from VHS, 8mm, etc. The higher the optical zoom the better for good closeup shots. Digital zoom, while better than in years past, blurs the image up and it just isn’t as good. Don’t get too far away for the fuller shots. You can’t tell what is going on when you do that.

Most of all, if you enjoy doing it, you can make it even more fun for the kids and their families. Don’t limit yourself to just teams, … I have been doing individual highlight videos for high school student athletes as well and have never advertised. I have more than enough business from student athletes all over the state I live in just by word of mouth.

As far as the format, … I really like the mini dv format, but the only downside is that if it is very hot and/or humid, sometimes you can get dew ontape heads and they have to dry out. The key is tolet the camera adjust to thetemperature before getting started. Any digital format (mini dv, hd, etc) will work.

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