I have both and both get t


I have both and both get the job done. Now, which is the most “intuitive”?? I’d say, Sony’s Vegas Pro video editing program! LOL! I’ve owned earlier versions of Vegas since before Sony bought this program. I learned basic video editing on the earlier versions of Vegas (forgot its previous name if it had one) when it wasowned by Sonic Foundry. The work-flow for Vegas (at least the earlier versions by Sonic Foundry and Sony) is intuitive while both Premiere and Final Cut Pro is much less so (in my humble opinion).

For good or for bad, I invested a good amount of $$$$ in Apple computers (Mac Pro & MacBook Pro). I did this for Apple’s Logic Pro DAW. (I’ve used Logic since it was owned by eMagic, when it was on the PC side.) Using an Apple computer so that I can use Logic Pro was well worth the investment of time and money. Because of this, though, I decided to go “Apple all the way” and invested more money in FCP, leaving Vegas and PC computers behind. Only recently did I purchase Adobe’s Production Suite programs as part of a cross-grade offer as a FCP user. (Paid about half the price for this group of programs.) In my opinion, Premiere is the least intuitive to use. However, it functions well with the rest of the Suite which is nice.

IMHO, for simple video editing, I recommend Vegas Pro. Videographers make a living using this program. It seems that many people would agree that the editing work-flow is very user-friendly; that it’s work-flow is very intuitive, requiring 1 or 2 less steps to get cross-fades, etc.

To be clear, though. . . ALL programs “get the work done”. As others have mentioned, if it’s possible, audition them. I believe all have “trial periods” where you can give them a run and see if you like their work-flow. If I was still working with PC computers, I’d probably be still working with the latest version Vegas Pro.

Just sharing some random thoughts and providing another choice for a video editing program. πŸ™‚

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