I have been working with F


I have been working with FCPX for 3+ months and I can tell you without hesitation….NO!!!! Its not!!! I love my Mac products but in a nutshell, the one thing that’s supposed to be revolutionary is the worst thing about it…The Magnetic Timeline. Project elements can jump all over the place during routine editing. You can pull a transitions or a text element across the timeline and it can randomly be snagged by another element, copied and pasted to it! Because its a “Trackless” editor all elements have to be connected to another. Deleting one element can delete others above or below it and sometimes all! Along with being very buggy all the way around (and I am working on a iMac 3.4gh Quad 16g i7 27inch) your creativity is severely stifled. The best example is when you crop a photo or video clip to place over a background or other piece of media, don’t expect to place one of the many cool transitions on it, it will apply that transition to the full frame of view. Which means you have to keyframe in a limited fashion, any effects of those elements. This was very disappointing and all but makes this platform useless. But its the Magnetic Timeline that is the most irritating aspect of this editor. Its unpredictable and that equates to a lot of time watching and fixing all the things that happen without any rational. Copying and Pasting happens where the timeline is and it could push things all over the place to fit it in. I have been keeping a running list of all the things that most unfortunately make this editor a real waste of time for anyone who makes any kind of living editing media for video output…and its long! While outputting and the file browser are great, its just not worth the putting up with the shear madness of not knowing what the hell is going to happen as you edit. I have never been more certain after working with FCPX that having control of the tracks and what is them independently to the whole frame of view is critical to the Editor! Will Apple be smart enough to put track control back into it…I don’t know? Will it help fix a lot of the problems with this editor…absolutely!!! But I would imagine that would not be seen for at least a year if ever and just not worth the wait when Adobe Premier 5.5 is as good as it has ever been and is just as fast rendering and outputting. I am planning on “switching” this week to AP5.5

Hope this helps and I am sorry for being so bleak about this editor, but I have to say it more than warrants all the criticism.

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