I have been using the tria


I have been using the trial (thanx guys for the info) of fcpx and I must say it takes some getting used to. I am finding it easy enough to use for simpler projects. One odd behaviour is importing video from my d-slr, seems Aperture and Imovie ingest the clips easily but fcpx won’t. I have to pull them in through Imovie first, no other way works….

but having said that….

I expect fcpx will in the near future deliver everything that was promised.

Remember we all agree that the best editor to use is either the one we learned on or the one we are used to.

I like it. Apple could have saved themselves a tonne of headaches if they had named it “iMovie Pro” and just left Final Cut Pro to die a slower death after “iMovie Pro” matured.

@ craig… are you using compound clips and audition features to keep your projects organized in the timeline?

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