I have been using the AX20


I have been using the AX2000 for a little bit over a year now. I use premier Pro as the NLE. Up until nowI always set it in auto but latelyI am seeing the whites blown out on my video.I film 410 sprint car racing on weekends. The lighting is different on every track. One trackalways has a yellow tintthat! fix in post. I think next timeI will get a light yellow sheet and experiment with white balance. I will probably set gain to manual and use zebra stripe. The fun partis racing start with the sun still up and finishes well after dark.

If I can properly embed a video it will show the blown out whites. Timothy, It has some slo motion at the start and it came out fine. Not sure why yours is fuzzy. Are they fuzzy in preview modeand post editing? Render a small portion out as a test.


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