I have been using the Appl


I have been using the Applied-Magic Screenplay editor for better than 5 years now. I recently upgraded to the "EPIC" version which has a 400gig HD. Capture is real time with DV or analog input. The wavelet format is the main strength of the cool editor, which means better quality. This editor is not PC or MAC based due to it’s custom chip sets. Software enhancements are mailed to you free of charge- very nice! The user interface is designed to be simple and fast, with plenty of features selectable.
I used to linear edit with 3/4 inch, then bought the Screenplay- I haven’t seen a faster editor for the money. This is a turn-key system, so you’ll miss out on some of those PC issues.

My web page has a shot of the edit screen: http://www.kbvp.com

Link to Applied-Magic’s "EPIC": http://www.applied-magic.com/p_screenplayepic.html

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