I have been using Pinnacle


I have been using Pinnacle since version 9 and the amount of times I wanted to throw my PC through the window were too many to count. Of course then I tried version 10 and then 11 and then 12 and then 12 Ultimate – never learn hey? The problem is that when one is used to an editing system it is very hard to change. I bought Vegas and the change was radical. As I am doing editing for a living I did not have the time to “play” around while learning. I have subsequently upgraded my PC and have not had a days problem with Version12 Ult. The effects in Pinnacle are amazing.

To play safe though I split all my projects into 10-15 min sections and then combine them all at the end .

I have heard it said that Pinnacle is for amateurs and dummies, well I am very satisfied with my end results so I am quite content being an amateur dummy.

Having said that it would be really nice if Pinnacle would incorporate multi-cam editing as I use 2-3 cameras at a time.

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