I have been using led ligh


I have been using led lights for 2 years with no issues at all. The first one was almost $400.00 from lite panels..The second I just got a month ago was $56.00!

Almost the exat same light but chinese made. They work perfect..but a few tips Ive learned along the way. I never turn them up all the way. I will shoot manual and set the cam for maybe +6 on the gain and no more. Then I bring the light up to just barely light the faces.(variableoutput) People very rarely squint anymore.Receptions can be dark and its not my job to light the whole building, I want the background to be darker and more intimate.So far I am very pleased with my cheaper led. I may order another 2 as backups and still save $$$. I use the sony nx5 which is very good in low light as well.

edit..After looking it was $39.99 plus shipping..go to ebay search 126 led camcorder light for sony nx5U..what a deal..comes with filters and shoe mount.

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