I have been using a Z7u wi


I have been using a Z7u with Premiere for several years without problems. First, verify that you actually have an HDV recording by playing back your tape and making sure it says HDV1080i in the upper left corner of the screen. If it doesn’t your recording is not HDV. But, assuming it does say HDV1080i, be sure you are connecting to your PC via the IEEE1394 output.

I don’t have CS4, but on CS3 the correct set up for a new NTSC HD project in the opening new project panel is HDV/HDV 1080i30 (60).

With your project open, press F5 to bring up the capture menu, click the “settings” tab and under “Device Control” select DV/HDV Device Control”.

With the camera on VCR, press the menu button and select “In/Out Record”. Then set: VCRHDV/DV to auto; Video out to Component 1080i480i; and Ilink set to off.

You must have the camera set to VCR and have a tape in it. You can completely control the camera from the capture screen. When you hit the play icon, you should see and hear the playback content on both the camera and the CS4 capture screen. But, when you press the “record” button on the capture screen to actually capture the content, the capture screen will go blank and you can only monitor the clip on the camera’s screen.

These are the setting I use and don’t have any problems capturing. I hope they work for you.

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