I have been to a couple di


I have been to a couple different Radio Shacks and I know that they have them in the stores. I have had to keep upping my numbers (for backup as well as my number of recording devices).

I would recommend just going in and telling the sales guy, “I need a lapel mic with 1/8 inch pin.” The ones I have are mono, (1 black stripe) but I think they may have stereo as well (2 black stripes) but I am not positive. The monos work perfect for me, I just duplicate it on the timeline during editing and it comes out fine.

He should be able to stear you right to it.

FYI: It is just the radio shack brand.

I in no way endorse/work for/ or support radio shack, but I know that they are one of only a small number of stores that carry the lapel mics (without having to order them online and wait). Many also sell the Olympus WS-100.


If the WS-100 is to expensive, go to Best Buy/Circuit City/Radio Shack and look for one that has a USB port (otherwise you won’t be able to transfer it to your PC). And make sure it records to MP3 or WMA.The hiest quality should be around 44.1 kHz or more.

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