I have been recording out


I have been recording out church services and uploading to our website since 2006. I started with a standard definition JVC camcorder with a built in hard drive. I used an audio CD recorder to record the sound from the sound board. then sync the audio and video up on my computer. This worked ok, but it took a long time to sync the audio and sound. I started with Pinnacle Studio 11, then upgraded to Pinnacle Studio 12. I used this video editing program for 3 years. It did the job, but I wanted to take my video editing to the next level. I consulted Kingdom electronics. They told me to purchase an audio compressor/limiter; this keeps the audio from becoming distorted when too much sound enters the board. It really improved my audio quality. They also told me to purchase a DVD recorder; I purchased thier Toshiba DVD recorder. If I had a choice now I would buy something a little better. At that time I upgraded my camcorder to a Cannon HF21. The most important part of using a camcorder is the amount of optical zoom. This camcorder has an 18x optical zoom. I can shoot about 70 feet; which is all I need for my church. The face recognition feature has been really useful for autofocusing on the speaker. I use the AV cable to transfer the video signal to the DVD recorder; then I capture the sound from the sound board to the audio input on the DVD recorder. This works well, and I get DVD quality video footage. In the past three months I have wanted to take it up a notch. I have subscribed to Adobe creative suite, and use the HD video from my HD Camcorder's hardrive and the audio from the DVD to sync them together using Adobe Premiere Pro.  It has greatly improved my video footage by doing so. My next step is to replace the DVD recorder with a way to capture the video and sound on a computer's hard drive in HD. From there I can use my passport 2 terabyte drive to transfer the data to my editing computer. If you cannot afford Adobe Premiere Pro; Cyber link Director Suite 2  is the next best thing (http://www.cyberlink.com/products/director-suite/features_en_US.html). The quality output is very close to Adobe Premiere Pro.


Summary of what is needed:

1. HD Camcorder with a high optical zoom. (Sony, JVC, Cannon, Panasonic are the top consumer models).

2. A good output from the sound board (everyone who speaks needs to have a microphone), preferably with an audio compressor/limiter on the output.

Example: http://www.kingdom.com/behringer-autocom-pro-xl-mdx1600-p/kb2cle.htm

3. A video capture device. (Example: DVD or Blue ray Recorder, Computer with and HD Video capture, or HD Video capture box)

Low End DVD recorder:


Mid to High End DVD Recorder.





4. Cables to connect everything. Measure all the lengths to connect the sound and video to your source.

5. A video distributor (varies depending on what cables you use for you sound and audio). If you want to share the output with multiple sources.

6. At least 1 monitor to see the output. I have a monitor in a room separate from the sanctuary. This is for parent with children and overflow. I plan on adding another soon to a larger room.

7. A video switch if you want a multi-camera setup.

8. A stage that stands above the crowd (optional). Prefer one that allows the camcorder to be slightly higher than the tallest person in the church.

9. Video editing software. Use handbrake if you are able to record sound and video to DVD or Blue-Ray Disc. This program is free and it converts the video to mp4 for web. Other recommendations include Cyber link Power Director, Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere. I have found these to be the best so far.

10. Oh you need a good computer (quad core or greater, at least 4GB RAM) with a good graphics card. (NVidia Cuda or NVidia Quatro series video graphics card).

11. CD/DVD Duplicator if you want to make mass copies for members of the church.

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