I have been making montage


I have been making montage videos for about a year and a half and have also struggled with what to charge. I also started out doing it for friends. I have since started charging and have 4 packages: Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. The Gold ($100) has pan and zoom effects, customized titles, and is synchronized to the music. The Bronze ($50) has no pan/zoom or synch and basic titles. All the photos are the same length with cross-dissolve transitions. I also offer "photo cleanup" to each package, priced per job. That’s were the Platinum and Silver packages come in (i.e. Gold + cleanup = Platinum). Each package comes with a customized DVD case and label. Copies are $20 (Gold) and $10(Bronze).

On the one hand, I feel like I charge too little, based on the time I am putting into it. On the other hand, for the average person, if I charge based on time, it would be way too expensive. So I basically have decided to charge what I think it’s worth to people.

I recently did a $50 video for a customer and they ordered 19 copies! So for that one video, I will have made $240!!

Another thing I did was to compare other’s prices on the Internet.

Hope this helps.


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