I have been looking at th


I have been looking at the same thing. I want to change a small fee for each download to the owner of the video, and automatically bill the owner every few months. I need code that will detect time, date, and where the viewer came from and how many times he(she)downloaded the video. Then I want to be able to bill through a regular Pay Pal Acct. I have found a programmer that will do it all for me. The only trouble is the cost, which could amount to several thousand dollars for a complete turnkey operation. I am using Xigla’s Absolute TV Channel on a Windows server. The Absolute app is very buggy and I have already spent several hundred dollars on fixing some of its problems. If any of you in other parts of the country are thinking of purchasing this app, maybe we could work together by employing the same programmer and we could lower the cost of getting what we want.

Best of luck with finding collaborators to go in with you

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