I have been burning CDs si


I have been burning CDs since my first 2X HP burner and started with DVDs about a year ago.

The printed labels don’t always line up correctly within the labeling program or when printing with a IJ printer. Sometimes the paper feeds better than at other times. Depends on the finish of the labels, humidity and other issues. The paper labels have a bad rep for eventually getting air bubbles and supposedly the adhesive causes delamination and deterioration of the top of the Disks. I have only experienced the air bubbles.

LightScribe, the disks are too expensive and the label process is too lengthy. Five minutes to burn a CD and 30+ minutes to burn a lablel. After the initial awe of the built-in-label, I don’t like the looks that well. Looks like retro sepia tone.

I have lately been using a Epson R340 which prints on printable CDs/DVDs. The software that comes with the printer is very easy to use and after the initial alignment, it does a very good print job. Just ensure it is not installed too close to something as the CD/DVD tray exits the rear of the printer partially during printing.

Supermediastore.com has good info on the different qualities, options and different types of printable disks. I like the hub printable as they will allow you to print much closer to the hole in the middle of the disk. Sam’s Club has the Verbatim printable for about 39.00 for one hundred, but they are not hubprintable.

Supermediastore has frequent sales with free shipping. (I just ordered 8 Sony MiniDV tapes, shipped for 2.40 each) I am only a customer of Supermediastore.

Epson.com at the present has the Epson Stylus Photo R380 (probably a descendant of my R340) for 139.99 after instant rebate with free shipping. With Epson, I am also only a customer.

I think that when you factor in the costs and aggravation of paper labels, that the printable disks come out a little ahead. And I use only Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden Printable Disks and I use the Epson ink. Just my personal preference. For give-away copies of DVDs, I use the cheapest blanks I can find but for archival I use Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden.

Check out cdfreaks.com for lots of good info


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