I have Audition 3.0 and wo


I have Audition 3.0 and would agree it is much more thanSB but I really only need it when someone (Me usually) screwed up.I think the Warp Stab function in AE 5.5 would be the same for me but I’ve already learned other ways to take care of that and learned Mocha that came with AE CS5. So, I’m going to pass on 5.5. Going to CS5 was a major step, real 64 bit and the speed of work flow along with some nice little tools to use but I really can’t see why they are making this apaid upgrade and even without Audition see CS5 as a worthwile step.

I wonder really what they would have to do to make a next step as worth it. Its getting to the point that they are going to have to stick a little man in a box that you pass SDHC cards and occasionally a cheese sandwich through a little slot and just wait for your finished product to show up on a drive. You might have to kick the box a few times to remind him when you want it formatted for the web though. πŸ™‚

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