I have and use both Studio


I have and use both Studio 9 and Premiere Pro. Pro is by far the best of the two in the long run, but is expensive. My question would be it’s purpose. If you are capturing from VHS tape to convert to DVD, your final product is still going to be analog converted to DVD either way. Sonic’s My DVD will capture as AVI or Mpeg files as far as the software is concerned, but does not come with a way to plug in your VHS. You would have to install an ATI card with capture capabilities, or something similiar. Studio 9 offers both software and capture box to plug into.
If, in the end your purpose is to create studio quality DVD’s from digital then you would do well to figure out a way to come up with a capture card like ATI’s Radion family and Premiere Pro with Encore DVD to create your finished product. We’re talking about “Bucks” here, but in the end the difference is seen. As for capturing from Digital Camcorder later, go with Firewire. It’s faster and more stable than USB. Any software out there will capture through firewire. Capture as AVI since it make smaller files to edit from, and then create your DVD with Adobe Encore DVD and let it transcode to Mpegs before it burns to DVD. The biggest thing with Digital Video is, when you get your computer, put the biggest 2nd hard drive in it that you can afford and capture to it, not the maindrive that the software is installed on. Also, put at least 1 gig of RAM in it and try to keep it pure for digital purposes. If you can, try not to do too much travelling on the Net on that machine for fear of viruses. I lost a bunch of work to a virus, to learn that lesson. Since then, I search the net and do email on a second hand computer that’s made from spare parts and I don’t care if it crashes. I just kick it, then format it and start over <grin>.
I have not had cancer, but have had 4 heart bypasses done twice in the past 10 years and I depend on my computers and video capabilities to make a living as it’s the only way I have. People just don’t hire you when you are 59 and in bad health. If you have a way to make it work, Go with the best you can get now but plan to upgrade as much as you can later.

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