I have an NRG 1,800 watt t


I have an NRG 1,800 watt three-light kit that I invested in several years ago. It has worked for many, MANY gigs I’ve covered, and using scrim or toughspun to filter the throw sometimes, along with stronger or lower wattage lamps has made it possible for this setup to cover most of the variables. Comes in a nice hardcase, light stands, one set of barn doors and one head that offers a choice of flood to spot adjustment.

Also, in the January issue of Videomaker Magazine (just got mine) they rank the Videssence KSH2057P-SB Triple Fixture Shooter LIght Kit ($1,200) as “Best Video Light Kit” among their 2009 Best Products of the Year. It looks good and I intend to check it out further.

The only other light I will be getting sooner rather than later is something in the “softbox” variety for a large throw of soft, gentle lighting – maybe two.

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