I have an idea which may w


I have an idea which may work, although it will only be in real time so is not much of an advantage over recapturing from the original tapes, which if they are in good condition will ensure the best quality.

The idea is this: No guarantees it will work for you, but may be worth a try.I have an old Pioneer hard disk and DVD recorder which has a IEEE 1394 DV in/out port, and have tried it out and it works, except for thesimultaneoustransfer bit which I can’t try.

I can transfer out of the Pioneer from DVD or Hard disk any non copy protected material as a DV stream to Premier Pro CS5.5. The Premier capture settings need to be at , no device control, DV capture and scene detect. The settings need to be made then the capture window closed. The source file needs to be running, in my case the Pioneer running in replay before the Premier capture window is reopened. It sees the streaming video and captures fine.

I can also set Premier to export DV-AVI, make sure all files are rendered and tick ‘use previews” and my HD recorder will capture the export fine.

If your computer ispowerfulenough and you have more than one IEEE 1394 port, it may be as simple exporting from your Avid software and capturing with Premier using a jumper between ports. Or you may need a second computer for exporting. Have fun! Either way you have some workaheadof you.


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