I have an hdr hc1 (mini d


I have an hdr hc1 (mini dv) and a hdr sr12 (hdd) the hdr sr12 takes longer to move files to the computer than it takes the hdr hc1 to capture from tape. This is due to the sr12 having only usb2 connection vs the hc1’s firewire. WHAT THE HELL SONY???? NO FIREWIRE? they both edit fine for my purposes. the sr12 has better lowlight performance. better exposure accuracy. but the hc1 has tape for storage, which is easier than hd and cheaper (if you account for the fact that hd needs a backup). Plugged into a cheap battery pack (with ac converter) and the sr12 can run for 10+ hours of recording non stop. Another plus. nice to have both.

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