I have an Asus AGP-9480 (n


I have an Asus AGP-9480 (nVidia TI4800SE) with 128 meg Ram

I have two Samsung 753DFX CRT monitors connected.
XP lets me stretch the viewing area over the two screens.

I use Studio 9 plus for editing and I have the main program on one screen and the other screen shows full screen video – no looking at a pokey little screen.
When I used Edition (that’s another story) I had the time line over the two monitors – made it easier to work in

Hey, by the way I called into a local electrical centre the other day and they had a wide screen LCD TV (32″ I think) with computer input hooked up to it.They had a Ulead video editing program running with the time line and preview screen on show.
Looked good from a distance but up close it was hard to look at – not very sharp. I always thought a large screen would be good for editing. The more I look at it I think the split screen on two monitirs is just as good.

The card has S-video out – I have never used it.

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