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I have always believe in doing something the right way. I get that little feeling that I did something wrong when I sell a video for money that includes copyrighted audio. But, I am sure that MANY people do this daily, and don’t worry about it… unfortunately, they fail to see the consenquences that may result from doing this. First, about me:

I am 16, I film and edit weddings as a hobby… I have done aobut 20 and I know I realize I am underage…I am in my high school band and I am making a video for a fundraiser to sell at the banquet meeting. The video will cost 20 dollars, 15 dollars to the school drumline (which I am in), 4 for equipment, and 1 for the camera man/women. Last year 300 people attended this banquet meeting. I plan to raise money to buy more equipment for the drumline. My biggest thing is audio. I know what to use, but am afraid to use it because after all, I am selling a video that includes audio that is copyrighted. How do I go about getting permission to use the audio? I know someone is going to say, “contact the author” … I have talked to my school “video advisor,” the one in charge of the senior video. He said that he has sent “many letters to artists requesting to use their audio” but hasn’t received one response… is there a premade contract that someone can send me that asks permission to use the audio? I also am aware of free music, but I already have a vast collection of music I like… Can someone please provide me with a way/information to help me about doing this?

Thanks in advance,

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