I have a Vegas Pro 8.0, A


I have a Vegas Pro 8.0, A movie Studio Platinum 9.0, a DVD Architect 4.5 – I don’t have other software,except the movie make thing on Vista.

I’ve got this friend thatis on my caseaboutmakinga video for him that loop/playback repeats. He wants to run it all the time in his store.

It’s a freebie, good buddy project.

If someone has got some links or something I can workwith to get this done I’d sure appreciate it.Pleasehelp,I’ve been all over the web and even called SONY.

I got one of those sing-song Indians on the phone. I couldn’t understand her to save my life, and when she escalatedmy question the second support person was evenworse.

I wonder if Sony and companies like that have any idea of how people justgive up and find some other way to get the information they need.

Sonysupport sucks on every darn product I’ve ever inquired. Recently, they were stupid enough to send me a survey on what I thought. The questions were loaded of course, so it was a waste of timeto respond. I felt like an idiot after I completing that thing. LOL


It’snot just Sony it’s Hewlett Packard it’severy other cheapo out there.THey companies are so stuck on saving money they don’t realize howbad people are put off by the third world support.


I’ve googled heck out of this.Don’t you find it interesting howlousy the Google search has become. If you type in themodel number of your camcorderfor any type of question about the product or problems all you get is dozens of google search pages of people trying to sell you the camcorder.

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