I have a Sony HDR-SR11 whi


I have a Sony HDR-SR11 which I love – 1080i, mic jack, headphone jack, multifunction wheel (which I use for manual focus), 1/3″ ClearVid Exmor CMOS, Optical Image Stabilization, remote Start/Stop/Zoom (not LANC but similar functionality), lots of other goodies.

When I bought it (about two years ago) it was around $1k.

It has since been replaced by others (the HDR-XR line) but as always, they always take away from the features you want (mostly imager size) or increase the price – Even though it’s hard drive is four times the size (240GB as opposed to the SR11’s 60GB), the closest new version is the HDR-XR550 which is around $1400 – More than you are looking to spend but worth a look.

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