I have a slight problem wi


I have a slight problem with the HF200 , cos for some reasons , when i
hooked it up with the HDMI cable ( the mini-hdmi to normal hdmi) the LG
tv recingised it being plugged in but it didnt get a signal. It can only
be play on its lil LCD screen

First thing came to my mind is damn the TV is messed up, but when I try
others HDMI devices on the tv with the same port it is all fine.

Then I thought, well must be the HDMI port on the HF200 is messed up,
took it upstair hook it up with another LG HD tv and guess what ! it is
running perfectly fine with no problems , stunning sound and everything

So now I kinda diagnosed that it is not the TV problem nor the HF200

a bit of extra information, the LCD HD tv that didnt work with HF200 is
47LH3000 , and the one compatible with is LG M227WD

did anyone get a solution for that?

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