I have a love hate relatio


I have a love hate relationship with networking sites, I have had Facebook since the days when you had to have a collegiate email to join (which was better), and I was the 8th person at my school. I have seen it go through all the changes, and so I use it a lot for my personal interractions. I have been on myspace slightly longer, but recently delted the account because I never used it and just didn’t care about it. I did end up re-opening an account with my professional email as another web portal to drive traffic to my website. It’s the same way with twitter for me, I only use it for professional postings as a way to try and connect with my audience.

I think social networking sites can be beneficial in the professional marketplace, but I would prefer to see websites like DVProfessionals and these forums, come into their own as for creating a network specifically for our brand of people.

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