I have a hard case for my


I have a hard case for my BIG Bogen/Manfrotto tripod, and I used to have a SteadyCam JR with a carrying case. The PROBLEM wasn’t getting through security, it was being able to use these as “carry on” items. With RARE exception I was compelled to check them in. The cases both wound up showing the 300-pound Gorilla effect due to severe handling, but the equipment was relatively unharmed thanks to the quality of the HARD cases.

I have occasionally been allowed to carry on with them, storing the cases in an area that is at the front entrance of the plane, where the first class passengers usually hang their suit or garment bags. Those days, I think, are long gone, and probably even the premiums charged today wouldn’t make it better for you. I’ve not traveled in the past 8 months to know what the current climate is like with security, but your camera support equipment shouldn’t be listed on the not allowed list.

A quick check via Google for current security and carry on, even check-in items lists, limitations should be fruitful. Good luck.

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