I have a GTX 260 card, so


I have a GTX 260 card, so I had to use the “Hack” to enable the engine. I’m not sureI understand the non-support for using the”Hack” since its pretty much just addingthe card to a list of cards in a file and can be deleted at anytime. Don’t see how it really amounts to a hill of beans.

As far as the Engine itself, its just a tool to allow play back of footage and effects that you normally would have to render first. In reality it still plays those type of items back at a lesser quality and you would still want to render the timeline before output to double check.

Its a time saver while working much of the time but not always. Mostly from what I see, when I add effects or graphics I spend less time on them but thats about it. The speed I get from being 64 bit now and with CS5, I really could work without it, so I don’t see the value of it that some do.

Also it doesn’t let me export to tape while it is enabled for the commercials I have to send out for onenetwork I deal with that only takes tape at this point.It may do more for the guys editing in RED ONE or something of the like.

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