I have a dvc30 and love it


I have a dvc30 and love it. Sad to say, but they dvc30 had a rebate on it for the longest time that just ended. I am not sure when it may come back.

The xlr adapter is highly recommended if you can swing it, but you could get by with a good mic with an 1/8 jack.

If you want to do some indie movies, then the dvc30 would be a great choice. It has some scene file settings to achieve more of that "film" look.

Follow everyones advice and do not attempt to try to get anything through those shady dealers.

Now, panasonic is also releasing the DVC20, which is a 3CCD camera, and a little lower chip size than the 30. It is intended for the teacher/student environment. I think it looks like the AG-DVC7/DVC60 camera (shoulder mount and not a hand held) from the last I heard. I just saw that B&H is accepting orders and is listed at 1399. I can’t find any specs on it on the panasonic site.

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