I hated Studio myself espe


I hated Studio myself especially version 10 but switched to version 11 ultimate. It was buggy at first but the patches seemed to fix things. At one point I had to completely reinstall windows to get it to work but, it works like a dream now. I actually do local tv commercials and business videos with it. It edits in HD like a dream. The real trick is having a system that can handle it. You need a beast of a system. I had a 3800+ dual core AMD with 4 gig of ram and a 512mb ddr3 graphics card and I’m telling you it wasnt enough. I switched the 3800+ out for a 6000+ and it runs so much better. I’d suggest using a quad core processor. I’ve used Vegas and Vegas pro. I have to admitVegas isnot as buggy but, when it comes to function Vegas is like a dump truck compared to Studio 11 Ultimate which is like a dragster Corvette. Put Vegas under a lot of strain and it’ll pull through and go a million miles but, it takes so much time to edit. Studio is like a Corvette, its sleek its fast, you get projects done quick but, it’ll break down. Version 11 is way better than 10. They even have a version 12 out now and as soon as I complete my next business video I’ll be upgrading to it. Of course I hear that it takes an even faster pc to run than 11. Oh yeah everything I edit nowdays is in 1080i HDV at 1080×1440 shot on a cannon XH-A1. I burn DVD’s and HD DVD’s put out to files and upload video to the net all the time. Tech support is there but, they arent the best in the world. They have this stupid habit of either telling you to uninstall and reinstall or to install the patches. If youve already done that then they’ll struggle giving you an answer. If that happens ask for 2nd level support. Trust me on this if version 12 is any improvement on 11 ultimate then there is no way Vegas is going to even touch it except for the extra editing tracks. Since Avid really started working on Studio its first class. If they added extra editing tracks I dont think I would even want to use anything else but it. Just my two cents.

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