I hate to tell you Chris,


I hate to tell you Chris, but folks are already making films via cellphone technology. So far it’s mad crappy, but sooner or later someone with some skills will whip out something memorable.

You’re dead on with ‘the screen changing’. When I first started in this biz, I was all about film. That was until I tried to do the work on my own and saw how much it cost to do! In my job, I could run through thousands of feet of footage no prob (’cause I didn’t have to pay for it!) When the transition to video came I was onboard and again, because of my work I could run through broadcast quality tape with no prob (still wasn’t paying.) But then, the ‘revolution’ came and you could shoot quality stuff on hi-8 (Pro Hi-8 was awesome and cheap!) Then, MiniDV hit and it was on! Even pro grade tape was cheap! Now, solid state is the new wave and a good one (but it aint cheap!) And now the company’s making cameras are forcing everyone to go solid state and removing the option of tape.

So now we’re at the same place film weenies were when digital was supplanting film only now it’s tape weenies whining. Truthfully, I don’t mind the process of capturing footage. It’s reminicient of oldschool A ‘n B-roll editing by which you had to ‘eyeball’ the footage to see what was good footage and what wasn’t. That and it’s a nice rite of passage for a budding filmmaker to have to do some ‘dirty work’ on their way to becoming an experienced pro. Yeah, it is nice though being able to get the shot, look at it immediately and then just do a data dump into a bin on the NLE. The change is fine I guess, I just like having options (if you can fork over the cash, you can still shoot film.)

Personally, I love the porn, immorality, violence and bad language hollywood puts out. Just long as it’s presence is an integral story device. If you’re telling a crime story concerning reprehensible characters, please write them as such in context to the story. That was what drew me to becoming a filmmaker during the intial years of the revolution. With a solid script and some resolve, effort and resources you could make ‘your film’ the way you saw fit. That’s getting much tougher with gear prices rising and an economy currently ‘circling the drain’. Looks like all filmmakers pros and wannabes are headed for a few rounds of ‘survival of the fittest.’

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