I hate to say it, my frien


I hate to say it, my friend, but I disagree with your response here. Do you feel as though you are giving "wise" advice to this fellow, that is, advising him to basically "bust his bank" in order to purchase one material posession? Why not instead recommend a very usuable camera that does contain a good number of features that he might find useful, instead of recommending that he place even more of his income into a camera that will not "pay itself off". He is not a professional filmmaker, nor does he make a living from any sort of profession regarding the use of such an expensive camera. He’s a college student, yes? Not a wealthy individual I can assume; one must be able to take these factors into context…and possibly provide a bit better advice based upon this…hopefully? lol It’s not all or nothing…filmmaking (creative expression for that matter) does not require the most expensive equipment to creative interesting results – this is dependant upon the ability of the filmmaker. Mind you, this is all within my opinion, with utmost respect.

compusolver Wrote:

Your first post listed three excellent camcorders, but your budget wasn’t quite enough to reach them. I recommend you get an extra job or whatever and add to your budget, patiently waiting until you can afford one of your excellent choices.

To go cheaper, puts you in the plentiful and confusing range of consumer camcorders – something most of our posters, who are mostly fairly experienced videographers, probably have little experience with.

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