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I hate to say it, but "rerecord" or "overdub" are about the two best options you probably have. And since it sounds like neither are an option, you’ll probably have to keep tweaking the sound until it’s "close enough".

What version of premiere are you using? I know there are some filters in Premiere that do okay, but I’m not sure if they’re in every version.

You can also try to isolate the frequencies that the noise is coming in on and reduce them with a graphic equalizer. If it’s too broad a spectrum, that might not work, but sometimes you’ll at least smooth out some of the more distinct hums and buzzes that way. You can also try to increase the levels that the speaker is the most dominant on, to bring him forward in the mix.

No standard noise reduction software will be perfect. Because obviously that noise is going on even during the speech, software that tries to counteract background noise can only go so far. If you let your filter settings loose a little, you’ll get less "sci-fi" sound, but the background noise will slowly seep in. Ultimately you’ll probably have to try and live with it.

I will say this much. You can get used to a steady hum if it’s not too annoying. Yeah, you lose profesionalism that way, but at least it doesn’t leave your viewer constantly adjusting his hearing.

Sorry, that’s the best I can think of. Maybe someoen else will have better news.

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