I hate to say it, but Appl


I hate to say it, but Apple seems “PCish” their latest ideas. The ideas are lame, pointless, and now you have to pay more money to have something work properly.

That’s ironic, because since the inception of WinXP I felt PC’s were getting “Macish” (as in ‘artsy, pointless and expensive.)

Truth is, both companies have run out of ideas and have become so bloated with ‘marketing gimmicks’ and their efforts to make computing ‘trendy’ and ‘tribal’ (cue the ‘I’m a Mac, and I’m a PC commercials). The PC World portion of CSE was equally lame. I wonder why Microsoft or Apple bothered to show up this year.

That is whack about paying $50 bucks for a reflection resistant coating. You would think it would just come with the unit upfront. Whether it’s Apple or MS, the bottom line is all they want is your money and they’ll do whatever they can to worm it out of you.

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