I hate it (no not really)


I hate it (no not really) when someone asks a question that I am not sure of the answer and have to pull out some gear to try it.

I have an HV20 (same as the HV40 except the zoom control on the earlier model is a but harder to use), and a pile of tapes recorded in SD in a a Canon XM2 which uses the same transport as the XL2.

I changed the replay software setting on the HV20 from HDV to DV, connected the firewire lead, opened a new DV project in Premier CS5 loaded a random tape recorded on the XM2 and started a capture (by now maybe five minutes had gone by,) let it capture, complete with scene detect, for about 15 minutes. No dropped frames, Dropped the lot on the time line and played back random scenes with perfect results.

It wasn’t a suprise as for all of the time I had DV cameras, which was pretty much from the begining of DV, I used the same old Sony camera as a capture machine, to save the heads on my later three or fourcameras by using them for videoing only.

Having said that I have had a policy of only using one make of tape (Sony DVM60). If the two cameras have had extensive use with different makes of tape, there could be flow problems in the transport mechanism which may cause drop outs in the captured material. I have never experienced it though even when occasionally capturing footage for friends with different makes of tape.

Cheers Ian

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