I had the worst experience


I had the worst experience with a brand new Sony VX2100. From the first month started to get codes C:31 and many other codes every time I loaded a new mini-dv tape. I sent the camera out for repair, it came back after paying $350 dollars and still had the same problem. Finally got rid of it and will never buy Pro-consumer camcorders from Sony. They only give you 90 days warranty in labor and parts 1 year. Come to find out about 5 months when I tried sending it out for repair that my cost to have them get it fix was $350. I did had purchased extended warranty but they take longer. Still had no camera for about a month. When it came back, the first wedding I went to work, the camera once again left me stranded in the middle of the reception. Thank goodness I always carry my old Canon XL2 with me and because of that, I just ordered the new Canon HDV XA1 and never going back to Sony. Sorry if I dissapointed anyone who still thinks the VX2100 is a great camera. I just don’t trust any Sony Pro-consumer camcorders anymore… Canon on the other hand has brought me nothing but security, on photography equipment as well as video. My last comments on Sony VX2100, it’s not reliable at all!

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