I had the G550 in my video


I had the G550 in my video machine – only 32 meg ram. My other (work) computer’s video card stuffed up so I put the G550 in it and the AGP-9480 with 128 meg ram went into the Video machine. Why did I put a higher RAM card in they’re mainly used for gaming I hear you say. Simple – Edition uses the GPU of the video card – speeds every thing up – background renders blah blah blah. Bottom line – My version of Edition sucks. So I went to studio as I do basic editing – no fancy stuff, no multiple video lines needed. Just Keep it simple. Too many effects on titles and all that stuff detracts from the Video.

You are right about the TV resolution – it is 1024 x 768 – crap to look at close.
I use a Samsung 17″ Monitor @ 1280 * 1024 as well and it looks Great too. I tried it on the video editing machine and seems to function ok. The local computer store still maintains that CRT is better for editing.
Only real problem I have using the CRT units – apart from bulk, I can not get them to look the same.They are both the same model, but have different manuffacture dates. The colour temperature of the screen is different and I can’t get the brightness and contrast the same either.

Until I can afford 2 x 19″ LCD monitors with fast refresh rates, I will put up with the heat and bulk of the CRT units.

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