I had the 170u. A matter of


I had the 170u. A matter of fact I made a few YouTube videos about the camera. In a nutshell, the camera is a great value camera packed with features, and for outdoor shooting or any shooting environment that is well lit, the camera shines, but if it is just a little dim, the camera suffers. Check out my videos – and you’ll have all the info you need

JVC GY-HM170U / JVC GY-HM200U: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLT6oyLSTuK8OJDjJ9IvywMMTkChPan11y

I would suggest you look at the Sony Nx100. It’s less than $2000, great zoom, good low light performance, 1 inch sensor. That’s bigger than your old canon and bigger than xa30. No 4k though. If you are shooting in well lit environments then, the JVC can be had for less and is a good choice.


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