“I had been looking at an


“I had been looking at an 8×10 size because I had read that that’s the
minimum for full body shots – but I wondered if a 5 x 7 would be
sufficient for waist-up shots? if so – that impact collapsible looks
promising…but again, I’m not really sure the best/inexpensive way to
hang these up. I would be transporting it each time I used it.”


I use the 5’x7′ collapsible when I don’t need full body shots. Believe it or not 5 feet x 7 feet is a lot bigger than you think. The collapsible has a heavy wire frame so you can lean it up against the wall if you don’t get the kit with the stand. If you use the single stand that comes with the kit, you’ll need a counterweight to balance out the cross bar (I use a simple 5lb leg weight and a sand bag to hold the base of the stand steady.) If you get the collapsible, don’t lose the folding instructions! Folding it improperly could cause the frame to have a stress failure and that wire unbound can be dangerous. Not to mention the collapsible comes in a handy carrying bag and if you don’t fold it properly, it won’t fit in the bag!

As for keying in AFX, the standard keying tools leave a lot to be desired. However, there is a keying plug-in called ‘Keylight’ that is pretty dang handy. Thing is if you don’t have CS5 or later, you’ll need to update Keylight to the very latest driver or else if you’re using Vista or Win7, it will crash your system. It’s purely a driver issue and the folks at the Foundry are real helpful and will point you to the proper way to reinstall the plug-in. Now, you have to have a legit copy of CS3 or later to get Keylight as part of AFX. Keylight comes with an easy to follow pdf Manual and unless you’re trying to fix the most horrific key ever, keying with it is very little sweat.

The main thing you need to know about keying is not in post, but in production. When you’re using your greenscreen, light that mutha up! Even lighting with all the same brightness and color temperature lights will make your life in post so much easier. As for tutorials, there’s a whole bunch of them here on the VM site for free.

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