I had an Audio Technica pr


I had an Audio Technica pro 24 for about 24 hours before I took it back. The audio from it wasn’t any better than my on camera mic in my opinion. If you want decent ambient sound you need to get a shotgun mic with XLR adapter so you can get it far enough away from you, and up near the action where you want it.
The problem I see with the Azden mic that you bought is that it didn’t come with an XLR output. You could try using an 1/8in mini to XLR adapter to run it into the beachtek but I have never used that mic so I dont know how good that will sound.

If you want to try to use what you currently have, I would see what it sounds like to get a 2x mini to 1x mini adapter so you could run the pro24 and azden both into the adapter and the adapter into your vx2100
Or, better yet plug the pro 24 into a minidisc recorder or mp3 player that will record line in and just run the azden into the camera.


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