I had a couple of thoughts


I had a couple of thoughts while I read your plaint. I've used CS3 and now 5.5 and motion is the same for me, no bugs. When you mentioned the arc, the first thing I thought of that you aren't using a linear motion between keyframes. So have a look, are the key frames diamond shaped or are the sand clock type shape.

You didn't describe how you set your keyframes so, just to check if we do it the same way I will describe how I move an object – say a logo – from left to right.

I put my video in time line 1 and size accordingly; then I move the CTI to the far left.

Then I drag the logo onto timeline 2, in line with the CYI so I can see it. The logo usually lands in the middle of the frame at 640×320 (depending on project). If I have to change the size I do that immediately. In the motion effects tab I scroll over the left number (that controls side to side object placement) and the logo moves to the far left – I ususally move it to the logo to the bottom third too using the other positioning number set. THEN I HIT THE KEYFRAMES buttons on the motion tabs which sets the initioal location and type of movement, ie. linear, bezier, ease in, ease out, etc.

then I move my CTI to the end of the video, re click on the logo, change the position of the logo, hit the key frame buttons again which sets the end location and the type of movement.


If you do that and it doesn't work, you have a bug and I would say re-install because CS3 and 5.5 works exactly like that everytime for me.

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