“I guess what you are sayi


“I guess what you are saying… “You lost me in all that, now it’s your turn to get lost.” LOL”

no, I’m not lost at all, nor do I intend to get lost.

I’m just (with a touch of humor) pointing out there is a way to avoid most of the dangers you mentioned.

A) get a mac. (buy quality the first time, buy cheap, buy twice).(I get four or five spam emails per month, in my mailbox. I’ve had no viruses in the last six years, No lost income/wasted time due to computer crashes.).

B) buy from a reputable store. (give preference to small well established specialty store with knowlegable staff, even if it costs more, and failing that, to big chains with solid reputations, otherwise you’re only saving money till you add up the cost.)

C) Don’t bother trying to warn fools, it’s like casting pearls before swine, and you’ll only find yourself getting told to “Get lost”.

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