I guess the question has to


I guess the question has to be how much budget you have for kit? Not just lighting kit, but the support and rigging systems. You showed two examples – the top one (epic) has generally good lighting – most faces lit properly, has depth and shadows. The second one, stream of passion – looks like no thought went into the lighting at all – lacking detail, contrast, mood and lots of people are in the murk. blasting the area with wide horrible light looks really flat. The girl in the top clip looks much nicer. You need to also consider what you light. Faces are in my book critical, followed by lighting the space, and in your project, lighting the audience too – perhaps in deeper colours – reds work well. You could even use your white walls by throwing some patterns or colours on those too. It might not be a usual concert rig, but contrast works well. Light the bits you want us to see and leave the rest in shadows – much more intimate. You can mix cameras as long as they look similar on face tones – if the angles are different it matters little if the walls behind are a bit different. As long as they can all be set to a common colour temp – 3200, 3000? all will be matchable. Let’s say you are a four piece band, then that’s 4 key lights for the people. Sharing keys is more of a wash – looks less good. Each one needs to be dimmable so they can be matched. Two or three Fresnels maybe for the audience light – or nowadays probably LED wash lights so you can experiment with colour. A few others to light the playing area with maybe a colour, and some for the walls? One thing to watch if you hire this kit is that some are damn noisy. The fans get in the way of the audio. If there’s a PA, then levels will be up so won’t matter.

This means at the least you’re into windup stands, a bit of truss maybe, or worst case T bars, but they really limit positions. My usual trick is start with the colours and patterns, make the space look good to them camera then creep in the key lights. If you can’t do this then your end result will be more industrial and bland like clip two, instead of intimate like clip one.

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