I guess that is the big dr


I guess that is the big dream huh. a Camera with 24p and native 16×9 that has a good reputation for movie making in the price range of 2Grand. In the end it seems that you are just going to have to shell out the dough and get the panny HD camera if you want a good camera. Ok fine So I will shell out the dough to get me in the 5,000 range of camera’s. Anyone want to chip off a few hours of my new chunk of time to research cameras in this price range? If this is what I will need this is what I must do. If I am serious then I must invest into it like I am. I have worked enough projects were you cut corners so much that you end up with a bunch of crap that doesn’t get you were you need to go all to replace it all later anyways. I just got to face the facts here that I need to pony up some more mula. Again maybe in the progression of this process some people have some new recommendations on cameras.

You guys are great.

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