I guess if you thought abo


I guess if you thought about it enough to join the forum and post then you have realized there are a bunch of different ways to approach compensation. Have a look at your business model and business plan (you have one right?). How much do you need to make to be profitable etc. Buy low sell high hasn’t changed much over the years – where business decisions have changed is in partnering and sharing the risk.

Are you making a DVD product or are you developing the careers of the How-To presenters? In the first instance the public is more likely to pay for the finished product, in the second, it’s the actor, your ‘talent’ or subject matter expert who pays.

What I’m getting at is that is something you probably already realize – sometimes you pay them and sometimes they pay you! Sometimes you both profit from the venture.

That being said, before you engage in any video recording make sure your talent, or new partner, understands that you retain the rights for sale. Don’t record a bunch of stuff, make a video which the presenter may or may not like – and if they don’t like, and you don’t have something to say that it’s yours to do with as you see fit, then you’ve wasted a lot of time and enegy etc.

The HowTo experts that have a website would benefit from having a promo video for their website (put it on your YouTube channel so you can control when/if it appears). You can sell the DVD to the HowTo person for them to sell on their website.

The expert who doesn’t have any promotional venue other than the DVD you propose can benefit from profit sharing. When I consign videos I try to get at least 70%. When I am the supplier of a vendor I have a sliding scale for based on quantity ordered.

When you pay someone to make something while you video record, offer them a fair wage. If you are going to someone’s house to record how they make sticky buns or turkey gravy, start at least by offering minimum wage IF you know there is no way for them to profit from your video…like they don’t cook for a living, just for fun. If they want to do it for fun, buy them a nice gift. Be super nice to your talent!

So, you probably know this already but it helps to know many of us have dealt with the same question. The answer to: How much to compensate? is…’it depends…’

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