I guess if only Ebay folks


I guess if only Ebay folks will see it and you have disabled the comments for the vid on youtube then I guess you’re fine there.

I’ve seen reports of “viral videos” as soon as they hit the 10,000’s mark, but I don’t know if that’s the magic viral number or not.

When making your commercials, instead of having the intent to make a commercial disguised as entertainment, maybe start off trying to make entertainment disguised as a commercial. The difference is where your focus is, which affects the entire process from shoot to print/upload.

Though I would mention something that seems to come up often in
relatively recent market and consumer psychology research, that people
don’t like to feel like they’re being sold to in watching a video that’s
supposed to be entertainment. Entertainment: good. Commercials: bad.
And especially bad when they feel their intelligence is being insulted
(which this vid kinda borders on in my own personal opinion, both from a
consumer standpoint and marketer standpoint…but that’s just my

The video kinda lags a bit, esp in the beginning. Speed it up a bit, condense as much as possible, plant seeds of curiosity rather than trying to force full information feasts down their throats. Marketing is generally more effective when you ellicit the natural human response of curiosity (especially when combined with use of the word FREE or other attention-grabbers). But if you really want to have a funny video to market, maybe consider hiring an up-and-coming internet comedy writer/blogger to help with a script. Look through as many of the top-viewed comedy videos on youtube as you can. Watch carefully what they say and how they say it, what they do and how they do it. Read between the lines. Look for patterns.

Also adding some bloopers at the end of the vid would make it more appealing as it shows your not taking yourselves too seriously and rank yourselves among the viewer rather than seeming like your “playing down to their level”

Oh forgot to mention, your audio seemed a bit out of sync too. 😉

Ok I’ll go away now lol ;-p

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