I got this answer from Cre


I got this answer from Creative Cow, I like his idea, what do you think about his idea?

Definitely don’t use Raid 1. That’s a total waste of your hardware resources and money.

So, use the VR (great piece of equipment BTW) for all it’s worth at it’s highest performance level, which is Raid 0. The performance of the VR will vastly improve your day to day editing experience and will get you the most value for your dollars.

For backup, you don’t need Carbon Copy Cloner, just copy your media files to inexpensive bare 500Gb or 1Tb SATA drives that you hookup to a USB “universal drive adapter,” like the one at the following link:http://eshop.macsales.com/item/Newer%20Technology/U2NV2SPATA/. Of course, make sure you format the drives as Mac Extended, and when full, just put them on the self for safe keeping.

This works perfectly and it is the best value by far. Got it?


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