I generally use a signal a


I generally use a signal amplifier/splitter, feeding the audio/video signals from both player units into the splitter, the out to the projectors (I have a two-in, four-out unit that allows me to run one signal to four outs, or two signals to two outs, whatever). I always run my audio cables separately, out to a powered Samson speaker system with built-in amp. NOTE: When I do use two projectors (rarely) I only have/use ONE audio source as a rule.

I run into the B&W output situation sometimes but with my S-video cable and not my yellow RCA – the pins on the S-video plugs sometimes get knocked askew and the color part of the signal gets disrupted. I haven’t experienced this with the yellow video out for RCA pin plug connections????

Though I have used a dual projector system for showing two separate programs, that is a rare one for me. Usually I am splitting one program, from one output to two projectors for a double screen presentation of the same production. Unless, for whatever reason, the two productions are somehow “married” in content to compliment each other, it would seem distracting to show two different production content to the same audience – unless, of course, you’re in a sports bar and the Lakers are playing the Bulls πŸ™‚

What playback source are you linking your projectors from? I can’t wrap my head around two projectors being used for a wedding montage projection of a single program. If you ARE using a single playback unit, and trying to get double output by connecting the S-Video from the unit to one projector, and the yellow RCA pin plug from the same unit to the other projector, many playback systems only provide a live out from one output source at a time, and that could be (if this is what you are doing) what is interfearing with your RCA out signal.

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